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California Native Flora Restoration, Revegetation and Maintenance

Projects and Developments Designed in Harmony with Nature

Seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend

We have been native seed collectors and plant ecologists for over 20 years

We assess native plant populations, soil and site conditions to create a custom plant pallet for your project

We collect, clean and store seeds until planting season

We take plant cuttings from the site and augment with stock from select native plant nurseries

Project Managers use CaliFlora Resources for California native plant revegetation and erosion control oversight to look at the details in the planning phase to eliminate poor results and large cost over runs.

Project Initiation

Offer basic scheduling, terminology, and technical expertise from the outset


Work with project team to define objectives, assess the site, strategize revegetation procedures and integrate activities


Onsite monitoring during project installation to ensure adherence to specifications; ongoing monitoring of site during growing and dormant season


Weed whipping and mowing, herbicide application, Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Native plants are locally-adapted, genetically appropriate native plant materials. These plants are best suited to the local conditions, requiring less maintenance and living longer than non-local species. When properly established, native plants form plant communities with the potential to be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating over time, requiring little or no input from humans to thrive.

Mitigation and Regulatory Compliance

Project design, planning, and review

Native plant salvage, propagation, and translocation

Seed collection, storage, and application

Revegetation Planning and Consultation

Project planning for site stabilization and erosion control

Soil and site analysis

Seed distribution and cutting installation

Project Monitoring and Inspection

Onsite monitoring during project installation

Ensure adherence to specifications

Ongoing monitoring of site during growing and dormant season

Healthy native plant communities are often the best long-term defense against invasive and noxious weeds. Maintenance costs for managing problematic vegetation are reduced, as is the controversy that sometimes results when weeds from roadsides invade neighboring lands, or where pollution from herbicide use is a concern.

Slope Stabilization

Native plants are the best ground stabilizers

Land Use

Avoid conflicts with land use

Control Erosion

Protect exposed soil areas

Smart, Green Designs

Create safe, cost effective, environmentally friendly, and practical designs that sustainable over time

Practical and Cost Effective Project Planning

Protect sensitive areas and species, salvage and relocate existing native plants,  reseed with site-specific plant populations, and reduce ecosystem impacts

Landscape Services Available

Initial Weed Control, clearing and grubbing, grow and kill cyle management, solarization, hand-seeding and Mychorrizal inoculation, herbicide application, and Integrated Pest Management

About CaliFlora Resources

I am Bruce Berlin, founder of CaliFlora Resources. I grew up in Santa Barbara County and attended the distinguished Environmental Horticulture program under Director Jerry Sortomme and Santa Barbara City College. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where Honored Professor Woody Frey sparked my interest in native plants and their cultivation. While at Cal Poly, I became fascinated with plant propagation and began doing seed collections and other projects for S&S Seeds, a wholesale native seed wholesaler.

For the next two decades, my full time work with S&S SEEDS allowed me to explore an interest in erosion control and slope stabilization. I served many years with the Western Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association, who were advocating for soil stabilization throughout the west, where I worked on a variety of projects including landfills, dams, and pipelines, mitigation projects and easements. Through my work with the IECA,  I developed expertise in erosion control, slope stabilization, and improved native plant germination and performance. This work allowed me to evaluate and participate on projects throughout central and southern California, developing strategies for successful plant establishment.

In 2013, I founded CaliFlora Resouces to focus on native plant restoration projects exclusively on the Central Coast. Through CaliFlora Resources, I’ve had the fortune of being a part of many successful native planting projects in a wide variety of habitats, and I plan to improve the availability of regionally-collected plant material, improving the results of native plantings throughout the beautiful Central Coast.

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